Nova Exhibitions and Conferences is founded By Mr Siddharth Saraf in the year 2018.

Nova has gained tremendous respect in the Indian Build fraternity as well as the national community after its successful inceptions of iDAC Expo and the umbrella events which were curated by the industry professionals for the Industry professionals. With a sole motto of creating the largest knowledge sharing platform by being and creating the change in the Exhibition Industry.

iDAC is a niche Knowledge sharing platform that focuses on core Applications, Practices, Processes, Products, Services & Technologies in the Infrastructure, Development, Construction and Architecture Segments. The Professional team has worked closely with build the industry professionals for the development of the industry, given the constraints and challenges it faces.

The last edition saw participation from prominent industry corporations and their allied linked professionals.

This year, the team shall continue to strive on taking the exhibition to greater heights with enriched content and exhibits that bring more value to the said industry and ensure a more worthwhile participation in all respects.



"The 1st Edition of India’s Build Industry exhibition on Infrastructure, Development, Construction and Architecture commerce - iDAC Expo and the umbrella events, brought together The Build Industry intellects who have curated content driven pavilions, which strived at bridging the gap between management and end users, providing logical solutions of problems faced by industry and facilitated reverse interpretations of R&D process.

I am Passionate and determined to lead the industry by enhancing every opportunity to deliver more value to the Build and Construction Industry.

The Infrastructure, Building and Construction industry is one of the fastest growing industries globally, powered by increased disposable incomes in India. Hence though iDAC Intelligence Series, Industry Events and iDAC Expo, professionals are engaging with the industry professionals all under one knowledge driven space.

iDAC Expo has and will continue to represent India’s Build fraternity at global levels and spread the knowledge/expertise of Indian programmers across the global".

"My personal mission and vision is to create a change in the Infrastructure, Development, Architecture and Construction Industry, looking forward to engaging you to an ocean of knowledge and creditable commerce."