iDAC’s Expo Mumbai emerges as India’s largest knowledge sharing forum in the Building and Design industry

iDAC Expo Mumbai 2023 is India’s largest knowledge-sharing platform that supports innovation from the fields of infrastructure, development, architecture, and construction showcasing a brilliant display of the latest products, services, and technology.

iDAC has been the most talked about event in its 3-day-long Mumbai edition of the expo from March 2-4th at the Jio World Convention Centre.

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by Hetmayer

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We, at nova exhibitions and conferences, aim to become asia’s largest content sharing and exhibitions & conferences company and impact community development through educational events. We are guided by our strong belief that the build industry can grow manifold through bona fide guidance and interaction.

By providing this infallible and meticulous platform to the makers, creators, beginners as well as insiders of the industry, we strive towards our perceived goal.





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